After graduating high school with a concentration in mathematics and computer science, he studied Music Pedagogy at "Emanuel University" in Oradea. During this period, he began taking his first courses in Music Composition with Master Sabin Păutza. After graduating from "Emanuel University"  and on the advice of Master Păutza, he went to study and specialize in Music Composition under Master Adrian Pop at the "Gheorghe Dima" Academy of Music in Cluj. Over the years, he has received several awards in music composition, and in 2016 graduated from "Gheorghe Dima" Academy of Music at the very top of his class. 

He participated at courses and masterclasses of composers supported by the composers: Cornel Ţăranu, Octavian Nemescu, Hans Peter Turk, Cristian Misievici, Teodor Caciora, Gabriel Iranyi (Germany), Violeta Dinescu (Germany), Mario Agustín Fernández (England), Edgar Alandia (Italy), Jan Ezendam (The Netherlands),  Karen Gerardi (Italy), Lasse Thoresen (Norway), Robin Yann (France), Francesco Filidei (France/Italy).

Competions & Awards 

Over the years, he has won several awards, the most important of which are:
„Sigismund Toduţă” the international contest for composers (Cluj-Napoca)

„Mihail Jora” the national competition for performers and composers (Bucharest)

”Stefan Niculescu” the national contest in composition (Bucharest) 

”Paul Constantinescu” the national competition for performers and composers (Bucharest)

„Alexandru Zirra” the national contest in composition (Iaşi)

​The national contest for composer, at ”Emanuel” University (Oradea)

”Liviu Comes” the national contest in composition (Cluj-Napoca) 

Recent awards and scholarships

* First Prize at the International Competition of Composition "Sigismund Toduţă", for the composition "Stop and Go", trio for flute, harp and percussion; The first absolute audition will be at the "Sigismund Toduţă" International Festival in 2018

* The winning work at the "Mihail Jora" National Competition for the Music Composition section, for three comic opera scenes   "D'Carnival". The libretto was realized by the brilliant composer Dan Dediu, based on the text of Ion Luca Caragiale.

* First Prize at the national contest of composition and choral arrangements organized by "Emanuel" University Oradea, for the composition of "Our Father".

* At the ”Paul Constantinescu” competition, edition 2017, prize for work ”Reverie” for mixted choir and piano.

* He won the ISA17 full scholarship, International Summer Academy of the mdw - University of Music, Performing Arts Vienna, August 2017.

* He won the scholarship for composer resident in "Transylvania", Icon Arts Academy, Sibiu, July 2017. 

Concert activity
Some of his compositions have been performed over the years in Bucharest (Ro), Cluj-Napoca (Ro), Iasi (Ro), Timisoara (Ro), Sibiu (Ro), Oradea (Ro), Arad (Ro) and Berlin (DE), Viena (At), Chigaco (USA), etc.

I am very grateful for the time and place where I am, for my parents, for those who were my teachers, for all my friends, for all those who have contributed and influenced the destiny of my life.
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Soli Deo Gloria!